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The goal with all JCR Aero products is to not only improve efficiency and performance but ultimately to add a level of confidence to the driver when pushing the car on track whilst subtly improving the overall aesthetic.

This product is more about optimisation than a ground up re-design of the factory Aero system. We feel it's important to target an OEM+ appearance with all of our exterior modifications, seamlessly integrating into the factory design language whilst improving performance is what JCR is all about.

Design & Testing

There are a several small details which feature of the JCR Carbon Fibre End Plates which, although small in isolation, add up for an impressive overall result.

From the 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre Construction in matching OEM cloth to the optimised aero profile and weight savings. This level of attention to detail is something which we carry across our whole product range.

As with all JCR products our Carbon Fibre Wing End Plates have been rigorously tested on the Road and Track under the most extreme conditions over tens of thousands of miles.

Carbon Fibre Construction

Our Carbon Fibre Wing Endplates are constructed from 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre to ensure a light weight and extremely strong end product.

The cloth selected is a perfect match for the factory Porsche Carbon Fibre Finish as found on all 718 GT4 RS Weissach Package cars.

Weight Savings

One large design consideration with the JCR Carbon Fibre End Plates was to ensure that, despite their physically larger dimensions we still reduced weight versus the OEM components.

The JCR Carbon Fibre End Plates reduce weight by 0.50kg vs OEM 718 GT4 RS End Plates, representing a huge 63% reduction with the JCR Carbon Fibre End Plates weighting in at a mere 150grammes a piece! Performance advantage with zero weight penalty.

Direct Replacement

The JCR Carbon Fibre Wing End Plates are a 100% direct replacement part using the OEM mounting points and are even supplied with OEM Porsche pre cut fixing tape to ensure secure OEM levels of fitment.

Key Features

  • 100% Direct Replacement
  • -0.50kg Weight Reduction vs OEM End Plates
  • 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre Construction
  • OEM Fixing Tape Supplied

Product Notes

  • This product is ONLY compatible with the OEM 718 GT4 RS Rear Wing


  • 718 GT4 RS


  • £1795.00 GBP
  • All prices are listed without UK VAT included (20%) All UK based customers orders will be subject to UK VAT

Lead Times

  • All JCR products are produced in batches. We aim to carry stock of all products however in the event that parts are not displayed as IN STOCK then please allow approximately 30-60 days from the point of order before your parts ship.
  • All custom colour options we aim to ship within 14 days of order so long as the part is in stock.
  • For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page.
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    CARBON FIBRE WING END PLATES Sale price£1,795.00 GBP