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This product is for use with the JCR Titanium Link Pipes and is a direct replacement for the secondary section using the Vband fixings supplied with the Titanium Link Pipes.

Direct Replacement

Due to the design, our Titanium Link Pipes can be adapted to each version on offer simply by replacing the relevant components which are available separately. Non silenced, Silenced and Race Cat sections can be ordered separately meaning no need to purchase the whole component if you need to change the set up on the car according to track noise limitations.

Heat Management

Each of the JCR Link Pipe options feature the highest quality thermal protection as standard. The heat shielding we have selected is used in the very highest levels of Motorsport to control temperatures whilst protecting and dramatically reducing the effects of radiant heat into the areas surrounding the relevant components.

We performed 1000's of miles of testing on track with each of our options with and without thermal protection and saw a consistent reduction of the inner rear tyre temperatures of 15-20c when running on track. This reduction in temperate yields a real-world performance advantage over a link pipe without a thermal barrier applied whilst also delivering increased tyre longevity.

Race Cats

Our Inconel Race Cat Link Pipes offer all of the benefits of our regular Non Silenced Titanium Link Pipes but with an overall reduction in dB levels plus the benefits of a 200cel HJS Race Cat. This means you benefit from the HP and TQ increase but with only a subtle bump in overall volume vs the factory OPF pipes whilst keeping the car emissions legal. This makes for a great option for those who run their cars on track with strict noise limits and for street cars which require functioning cats to be placed in the exhaust system.

This option is also compatible with the factory link pipes since our 200cel race cat is significantly less restrictive than the factory secondary cats and particulate filters so customers who plan to retain the factory manifolds can still consider this as a great option.

Light Weight

Due to the 100% Titanium construction the JCR Titanium Link Pipes removes an impressive amount of weight from the factory exhaust set up, whilst gaining power and improving overall sound; this truly is a win-win modification.

The Race Cats version weights in at 7.92kg (17.46 lbs) Saving a total of -4.94 kg (10.90 lbs) from the factory exhaust system.

Key Features

  • 100% Inconel 625 Construction
  • 200cel HJS Race Cats
  • Inconel Heat Shielding

Product Notes

  • This product is designed for use only with our Titanium Link Pipes
  • You must have already purchase a set of our Titanium Link Pipes for this product to be installed


  • 718 Cayman GT4 RS (with JCR Titanium Link Pipes installed)
  • 718 Spyder RS (with JCR Titanium Link Pipes installed)


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Lead Times

  • All JCR products are produced in batches. We aim to carry stock of all products however in the event that parts are not displayed as IN STOCK then please allow approximately 30-60 days from the point of order before your parts ship.
  • For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page.
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